Fast Gum Removal and Goo Removal in the USA

Mr. Gum Guy now in Boston


Boston's Fairmont Copley Hotel now boasts the cleanest sidewalks in Boston gum free for the grand reopening of the Oak Room Long Bar.

Watch Mr. Gum Guy busting gum in Boston.

  • City Sidewalks and Plazas
  • Public and Private Parks
  • Universities and Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial Buildings and Commercial Walks
  • Movie Theaters
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports, Bus Terminals and Train Stations
  • Anywhere you find Gum and Goo

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Mr. Gum Guy specializes in the removal of chewing gum and micro litter from exterior and interior building surfaces.

Professional Gum and Goo cleaning removal in New England, New York, Naples, Florida and Boston, MA.

Mr. Gum Guy in Naples, Florida  New England, New York and Boston, MA specializes in gum removal. Our low impact process does not disturb your business or create any downtime.

Our Gum and Goo removal machine uses steam at 400 degrees and a special biodegradable cleaner that  safely melts away the substance while extracting the dissolved residue leaving the surface fresh, disinfected and clean.

  • Cleaning gum and goo is fast
  • Environmentally friendly process
  • Remove gum from sidewalks, wall surfaces, theater seating, restaurant seating and tables
  • Micro litter removal and more.

Leave your surfaces steam clean fresh, disinfected with a fresh clean scent.

Offered in New England, Boston, New York, Southwest  and Southeast Florida by Mr. Gum Guy.

Most pavements and streets are spoiled by discarded chewing gum  as well as tables, counters, carpets and seating which is impossible to remove using traditional cleaning methods. Simple for Mr. Gum Guy, the gum and goo removal cleaning specialist.

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Chewing Gum Litter - A Growing Problem

Take the Gum and Goo Challenge

Walk around your building, your walkways, how many black spots do you see scattered about?

What does  that sticky mess say about your business, your school, your park?

Do you have a micro litter problem?


Chewing gum has become one of the fastest growing environmental problems of the past decade.

Retail parks, schools, colleges, shopping centers and public spaces that cost millions to develop have been spoiled with blobs of discarded gum and goo.

People who don't dispose of used gum properly are the root cause for your sticky shoes and black spotted walkways. Discarded chewing gum and micro litter remains a problem in most pedestrian areas.

We not only remove Gum and Goo, our consultative approach solves for your micro litter problem with prevention, special gum and butt receptacle placement and continued maintenance. We make all visitors and stakeholders proud of your space.

Clean spaces stay clean with pride! Dirty spaces become dirtier and out of control.

Control your micro litter with Mr. Gum Guy.

Mr. Gum Guy rescues sticky feet in Boston.

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