Gum Removal Help 

So you’ve got chewing gum stuck somewhere it doesn’t belong, maybe   in your child’s hair or there’s a new bubble gum dot in your carpet.

Chewing gum finds its way into places it doesn’t belong and you can effectively remove it, regardless of its destination with patience, elbow grease and time.

There are commercially prepared gum removal solutions that do the job but they do have drawbacks. One of those drawbacks is that the chemicals used in these preparations could damage the item you are using it on. That's when you may need to call in a professional gum remover.

Or instead try some of Mother Nature’s chewing gum removal tips.

These are both environmentally friendly and the ingredients are found right in your own home.

If you discover chewing gum in your carpet, you can place a few ice cubes in a plastic bag. A small sandwich bag works well for chewing gum removal. After placing the ice cubed filled bag on the gum, you wait. The waiting is really the hardest part of the process. Once the ice has taken hold of the chewing gum and frozen it, you can chip it away. This method works very well on fabrics as well.

We never recommend using gasoline or any highly flammable substance to remove gum from clothing.

Probably the worst place for chewing gum to appear is in someone’s hair. If it’s your hair it can be a horrifying experience. But before you get the scissors, visit your kitchen.

Peanut butter actually removes gum from hair.

Granted it’s a messy chewing gum removal method but it is a better choice than losing your hair to gum.

Simply apply a generous amount of peanut butter to the hair that is surrounding the gum, and massage. This takes time but it does work.

Gum can be removed from almost anything it becomes stuck to. They main key to remember is with a bit of work and patience your hair, your furniture or your clothing will be good as new.

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